The organizing committee of the “MIR” Marine Forum decided as follows:
– conduct the “Russian Marine Industry” International Forum 2017 in the forma to a congress with a thematic exhibit corresponding to the content of the business program;
– the forum is to take place at FSUE “Hotel resort “President Hotel” (Moscow);
– conduct the “Russian Marine Industry” International Forum 2018 in the traditional congress & exhibition format. The forum is to take place at “Gostiny Dvor” Expocenter (Moscow).

Priorities of the congress & exhibition program of Forum 2017:
1. The results of the Federal Target Program “Development of civil marine machinery” 2009-2016 and the objectives for R&D; in 2017-2019.
2. Technology advance for shipbuilding and global trends.
3. Marine machinery for shelf development.
4. Development of passenger and fishing shipbuilding.
5. Production localization, import substitution and conversion of the industry enterprises.
6. Propulsion engineering, including vessels with propulsion systems and electrical engineering.
7. Development of MARINET within the framework of the National technological initiative.
8. Integrated marine security.
9. Development of information and communication technologies in shipbuilding.

Marine Industry of Russia

Organizers – Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, leading industry associations, Ministries and Agencies, and Mega Expo. 
The Forum kick-off event will include the awarding of the winners of the Elite of the Russian Shipbuilding contest and an extended session of the Praesidium of the Marine Board.
A varied business program will cover the main aspects of the shipbuilding industry, will raise topical issues related to import substitution, offshore development, and will bring up a topic of special economic zones in shipbuilding, etc. The topical issues of the business program, a large number of invited guests and persons, exhibiting companies, visitors, and experts will allow expanding on and solving many issues related to the development of domestic shipbuilding.
We look forward to meeting you at the VII Forum Marine Industry of Russia.

Forum agenda:

Exhibition of the leading Russian and and foreign shipbuilding companies
Collective exhibits of marine regions of Russia

Special exhibitions:

Shipbuilding for development of offshore fields
Ports and port infrastructure
Welding and related technologies for shipbuilding

Key topics of the business program:

Forms of state support to shipbuilding
Solutions for import substitution in shipbuilding
Establishment of a single integrated system for ancillary equipment and materials
Shipbuilding growth prospects for the development of offshore oil and gas potential of the Russian Federation
Transport union of railways with sea ports
Construction, renovation and safe operation of sea and river ports and hydraulic structures
Welding, cutting and building-up in shipbuilding
Conference of Ocean Development technology platform participants
Special economic zones in shipbuilding
Development of the national fishing fleet and coastal infrastructure 

More on 5 characteristic features of the Forum…

Major sections of the Forum:

Shipbuilding and ship repair
Ship power plants, systems and electrical facilities
Ship navigation, control and communication systems
Shipboard machinery and facilities
Equipment for oil and gas production and development of ocean and offshore mineral resources
Feedstock and materials
Sea and river ports
Building of waterways and hydraulic structures, improvement of river and marine infrastructure
Industrial services

We’ll meet you in Moscow at Marine Industry of Russia!


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