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Waterways and hydraulic structures building

In Waterways and Hydraulic Structures Building section the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in construction of dams, weirs, channels, pontoon bridges, piers, etc, news and news stories as well as a brief overview of these constructions. Go to the necessary subsection, please.

Hydraulic structures are artificial constructions of various class and purpose located near water bodies or by them. The list of hydraulic structures and their definition are given in the Federal Law #117 FZ “On Safety of Hydraulical Constructions”.

The condition of the hydrologic system of Russia affects the economy of the country as well as defines and supports economical state of the country. Building of hydrologic constructions is one of the directions which development is provided in the general modernization program for the transport system. Today, there are about 36 thousand various hydrologic structures in Russia. However, the majority of them is visibly worn and some are in emergency condition. So, construction of these structures is in the focus of specialized state structures.

Calculation and design of hydrologic structures is regulated by norms and rules of hydrotechnics and other related sciences. Lately, a number of regulative documents in the sector have been issued in Russia.

Pontoon bridges

Pontoon bridges Pontoon bridges are unique structures which allow resolving the problem of vehicle crossing. They are simpler and cheaper in construction (6-8 months) while being an adequate temporary substitute to permanent bridges. In this section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in float bridge construction. More information…

Ferry crossing

Ferry crossing In this section, the information is provided on companies engaged in building ferries of various types. Ferries are divided into following groups: sea and river (by the sphere of application), and passenger, cargo-passenger, automobile and railway (by class of load). When constructing ferries, fundamental importance is given to track conditions – fairway depth and width, permissible turn radius. More information…

Dams and dam lakes

Dams and dam lakes In this section, the information is provided on Marine Industry of Russia Forum participants engaged in constructing and designing dams and dam lakes. Dams lock stream flow thus raising the water level which, among other things, is used for creating dam lakes. This kind of activity drastically changes stream valley landscape and modifies natural regime of rivers. More information…

Hydraulic structures repair

Hydraulic structures repair In this section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in repair of piers, berths, dams, weirs, etc. Hydraulic structures repair is performed in accordance with definite rules set forth in various SNiP. More information…

Berths, piers and breakwaters

Berths, piers and breakwaters In this section, the information is provided on companies engaged in pier and breakwater construction. When constructing piers, various types of welded metal and reinforced-concrete pontoons are used. Breakwater (cutwater) construction flow chart is selected on a case-by-case basis. More information…

Waterways and Hydraulic Structures Building – a brief overview

Building of waterways and hydraulic structures is one of the most difficult and critical construction jobs. Unlike in industrial and civil engineering, standard designs can rarely be used in this field: each project requires individual approach and elaboration, significant investments as well as participation of highly skilled specialists. More information…

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