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Berths, piers and breakwaters

This section of the website is dedicated to companies engaged in design and construction of piers, breakwaters and berthing facilities.

Enterprises Constructing Berths, Piers and Breakwaters

Attention! The list of enterprises with full details is subject to change in future depending on the inclusion of the Participants into the list and application forms registration.

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More on piers, berths and breakwaters

Berths and piers serve to secure water transport. They are also grouped by their designation, location with regard to the shore, materials, and other characteristics. Berth and pier construction progress depends on terrain factors (soil, winds, waves, etc). The point is that the berth and vessels on the berth are to be protected from destruction as much as practical. Breakwaters protect aquatorium of the port and coast line from attack of the wave power.

Construction of berths is a complex of ground and submarine engineering works. Heavy hydraulic concrete is often used. Metal works are protected with antirust compounds. Works cannot obstruct free and safe passage of ships and other waterborne platforms via fairway river and sea sections.

Pier or berth construction is contribution to development of Russian system of the sea transport. In the context of rather high need in modern seaways, ports, berths and quays, we have to use facilities at the edge of wearing. For the last decades, vessels have changes significantly and became bigger. So, it is necessary to modify seaways. Construction cost of a berth is rather high, but in part the Federal Target Program for the Retrofitting of the Transport Infrastructure of the Russian Federation (2002-2010) solves the problem of finance allocation. This program comprises development of seaways.


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