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Waterways and Hydraulic Structures Building – a brief overview

Building of waterways and hydraulic structures is one of the most difficult and critical construction jobs. Unlike in industrial and civil engineering, standard designs can rarely be used in this field: each project requires individual approach and elaboration, significant investments as well as participation of highly skilled specialists.

Situation in Russia

The technical state of existing hydraulic structures in the country causes serious concerns. According to the report of Vladislav Bolotov, the head of Antistikhiya Center, as at the beginning of 2009, 7137 of 35945 hydraulic structures are in unsatisfactory operation state and 3076 are abandoned. The Federal Transport Supervision Service considers the level of operation of sea and river port (terminal) infrastructure facilities to be insufficient and, in some cases, dangerous. As at 31/12/2008, 12 navigational hydraulic structures of inland waterways are in alert and 66 in precrash condition. Only 31.4% of the objects are safe, 44.6% have lowered safety level, 20.3% are in unsatisfactory and 3.7% are in dangerous state.

In order to prevent incidents caused by destruction of potentially hazardous hydraulic structures and to further safety level, corresponding programs are developed and adopted at the regional as well as at the federal level. Thus, the Federal Target Program for the Retrofitting of the Transport Infrastructure of the Russian Federation (2002-2010) contains subprograms for the development of inland waterways and water transport; those subprograms consider renewal of water transport constructions and further growth of shipping operations through inland waterways.

However, fund allocation is not enough for the implementation of these projects. Nowadays, there is an acute shortage of skilled personnel able to build new and retrofit as well as operate existing hydraulic structures in a highly professional way. Besides, it is necessary to assure the constructional elements quality and lengthen the life of hydraulic structures by means of developing and using modern protective coverings and constructions methods.


Construction of waterways and hydraulic structures reflects the economical and educational level in the country. On the other hand, capital construction projects of this sector are not only technical structures, but also monuments of intellectual work of the generations.

Despite the difficulties, the industry shows growth trends. The growth is supported by measures on development of organization and technical process of construction operations, implementation of new management technologies as well as dealing with problems in the field of construction financing.


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