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Design and engineering

This section is dedicated to the enterprises engaged in design of ships of various purpose.

Enterprises Engaged in Design of Vessels

Attention! The list of enterprises with full details is subject to change in future depending on the inclusion of the Participants into the list and application forms registration.

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Design and Engineering of Vessels in Russia – Brief Overview

Design of ships is uneasy business, and its complexity refers not only dimensions or safety requirements, but even the fact that every vessel class and type has unique features. So design offices are often special-purpose – one designs fishing vessels, another – bulk carriers, etc. The Russian market of design services features in design offices which in the days of the USSR created war ships and with disintegration of the country were forced to start designing civil vessels.

Opinions on what documents should be prepared by an engineering company and what – at a shipyard differ. There are specialists who reckon that the fullest package must be prepared and the designer’s project administration performed. The difficulty of this approach is in the lack of new industry standards and recommendations while the old ones are inapplicable. So, a lot of time is spent on agreeing contents and forms of documents. Other designers consider that it is enough to send a qualification or technical project to an enterprise and perform designer’s inspection of the construction while the shipyard will independently elaborate work design documents.

It is necessary to note that the Strategy of Development of the Shipbuilding Industry for the Period until 2020 and Further adopted by order of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation #354 dated September 6, 2007, turned the situation for the better. This document states necessity of governmental support for the industry in the development of scientific-technological and productive potential, complex modernization and technical re-equipment; law and regulatory support for development of the shipbuilding; structural transformation and optimization of the potential of the industry, and on positive progress in the industry as a whole. The economic crisis suspended forward motion of the industry. There are fears that as things stand now, many engineering companies will not survive. Undoubtedly, those companies which have already got on their feet will bridge over difficulties.

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