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More on scientific activities in the shipbuilding

Research Activities, Inquires and Examinations

The intricate situation of the Russian shipbuilding industry affects research and scientific works and, particularly, fundamental research. In the Soviet times, work of scientists and engineers allowed producing shipbuilding equipment of the highest grade, and their ideas and engineering efforts were usually ahead of the time. Last 10 to 15 years nearly did not lay the groundwork for design of any kind of equipment, so domestic technologies are inferior to foreign ones.

Today, design and construction of complex high-tech ships and marine structures require to apply progressive scientific research results demanding constant investment increase in research-and-development (R&D) and innovative activity support.

War Shipbuilding

Comparing to civil shipbuilding, the war shipbuilding is in a much tighter situation, since research scientific works tend to be frozen. Of course, war ships can be built basing on the available developments meeting the latest standards. However, since rolling back of promising research can create a significant gap, the research is to be continued.

Not less 1% of the war budget of the leading powers is spent for research works while in Russia, only 0.07%, that is 15 times less.

Civil Shipbuilding

Scientific research in the civil shipbuilding industry leaves much to be desired, too. To a great extent, it is not caused by lack of financing but by the possibility to apply historical scientific-engineering developments. Today, some design offices work as follows:

  • under the guise of new developments, they offer their customers slightly changed designs of the Soviet period;
  • commit a lot of small engineering errors;
  • trying to win a tender and survive in competitive environment, sometimes design offices deceive their customers promising fantastic technical parameters and tackle the job at dumping prices.


In the short run, the Russian shipbuilding industry sees the following prospective direction consisting in the engineering of marine technical equipment for hydrocarbon deposit development on the shelf of freezing seas of the Far East and Arctic. To this end, it is necessary to create an up-to-date experimental machinery for research related to interaction between ice features and icebreakers (including ice ships with ice-strengthened terminals and platforms designated for tasks of safe operation of the marine technical equipment in low temperatures).

The major part of the test-bed equipment designed in 70-80’s of the last century is to be refitted and upgraded to allow onboard complex and system testing.

Today, the Russian government paid attention to the shipbuilding industry and its development problems, and adopted the Strategy of Development of the Shipbuilding Industry for the Period until 2020 and the Federal Target Program for the Developing of the Marine Equipment until 2016.

The Federal Target Program for the Civil Marine Equipment for the Period of 2009-2016 is aimed to solve existing problems in full and development of state-of-the-art competitive technologies. The main directions of the Program are R&D financing, implementation of investment projects related to development of new technologies and technical solutions of the above said development of state-of-the-art competitive technologies. It is also focused on the reconstruction and development of the research and development and design basis of the civil shipbuilding.


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