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Ocean engineering equipment

This section is dedicated to the enterprises engaged in design, manufacture, repair or service of various facilities of exploration of the World Ocean and shelf. These facilities include depth-mining facilities, scientific-research installations, etc.

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Entities Specializing in Ocean Engineering Equipment

Attention! The list of enterprises with full details is subject to change in future depending on the inclusion of the Participants into the list and application forms registration.

Enterprise Name Brief Description Contact Info Stand No.

More on ocean engineering equipment

Ocean engineering equipment are all facilities used in investigation of the World ocean, mining operations on the seabed and continental shelf, exploration of gas and oil fields, and many other activities including floating space launcher bases.

The Marine Doctrine of the Russian Federation until 2020 refers “provision of sovereign powers and jurisdiction of the Russian Federation exercised in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation for the purposes of exploration, development and conservation of natural resources” as national interests of the country in the World Ocean. With the aim of protection of these interests, investigation of shelf, environment and global processes in the World Ocean is to be continued.

So, the sectors of the shipbuilding regarding design of hydronautics and underwater drilling facilities as well as other special-purpose vessels are to be developed. And in this matter, the governmental support is of importance.


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