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More on ocean engineering equipment

The World Ocean is the place where various states carry out economical, scientific, technical and military activities.

Means of Development of the World Ocean

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According to the Marine Doctrine of the Russian Federation, the development of the spaces and resources of the World Ocean is one of the main lines of development of civilization in the third millennium. At that, the determining role should play research activities aimed at:

  • development of inorganic and biological resources,
  • ensuring transport and naval fleet activities,
  • research of human and natural impact on the environment,
  • climate formation and forecasting of natural disasters.

The complex of various purpose floating ocean engineering facilities including the following ensures efficient operation in these fields:

  • those designated for search and investigation of mineral resources,
  • those designated for research scientific activity,
  • auxiliary facilities.

Situation in Russia

Descent TPA «Venom» from a vessel board

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Search and Investigation of Mineral Resources In the field of development of continental shelf, development of hydrocarbon deposits is the most important strategic objective of Russia. With this end in view special engineering structures are necessary, such as:

  • drilling platforms of various types,
  • fixed plants for production drilling as well as for oil and gas extraction,
  • drilling ships,
  • submarine pipe-laying machines,
  • submarine oil and gas storages,
  • replenishment ships servicing floating platforms and fixed offshore installations,
  • floating oil and gas refinery plants,
  • pontoon piers.

The Federal Laws On Underground Resources, On the Internal Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Adjacent Zones of the Russian Federation, On the Continental Shelf of the Russian Federation govern the development of continental shelf in the Russian Federation.


Photo by «Tetis Pro»

Besides, economic interests of Russia lie in the field of development and exploitation of Arctic resources, great importance being given to oil and gas extraction as well as development of the infrastructure of oil and gas service in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea.

Multi-purpose vessels and replenishment ships are used for solving auxiliary problems during offshore drilling, transportation of crew, various cargoes, technological stocks as well as for towage; due to the development of new fields, the number of such vessels is growing.

Research Scientific Activities Nowadays, the Russian research-scientific fleet counts with 11 special-purpose vessels, most of which were built in the time of the USSR. For conducting research, permanent autonomous buoy stations are used; those stations ensure continuous entry of information necessary for operational control and monitoring of the ocean spaces.

Acoustic means and methods of physics research in the marine environment proved to be the most effective. They are used in studying irregularities of the marine environment on the ocean shelf as well as while counting fishery amount of living marine resources, etc.

Prospects for Building Ocean Engineering Facilities

The main tasks Russia has to solve in order to approach to the top-positions in the area of the development of the World Ocean and shelf are:

  • repair and modernization of the existing fleet;
  • creation of conditions necessary to build new special-purpose vessels;
  • development of new geophysical equipment meeting international standards.

The Marine Doctrine of the Russian Federation requires development of the special-purpose shipbuilding including design of submarine vehicles (autonomous and dipping, manned and unmanned). This industry is vital for the effective development of the petroleum industry since it comprises building of special-purpose engineering facilities for oil and gas exploration.

Russia possesses effective scientific, technical and production potential, but more active and comprehensive governmental support is necessary to ensure valid development of the industry.


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