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Shipbuilding materials and components

This section is dedicated to enterprises engaged in production and sale of various materials for the shipbuilding industry – from steels and rolled metal to composite and paint and lacquer materials.

Enterprises engaged in supply of materials and components for the shipbuilding industry

Attention! The list of enterprises with full details is subject to change in future depending on the inclusion of the Participants into the list and application forms registration.

Enterprise Name Brief Description Contact Info Stand No.

More on shipbuilding materials

Various materials are used in the shipbuilding. There is metal, ferroconcrete, plastics and composite shipbuilding. Besides, various paint, thermo- and hydro-insulating materials, glues, sealers, decorative elements, copper and aluminum alloys, polymeric and composite materials, fiberglass and other materials are used.

Despite this diversity, ship steel is the basic material. It is to meet such requirements as upgraded cold resistance, crack growth resistance, plasticity, easy welding, and repair capability. In Russia, ship steel is produced nearly at all steelworks, while the yards purchase it from the net of steel trading companies, since the plants do not work with small lots.


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