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More on shipbuilding facilities

Shipbuilding facilities are well-equipped enterprises specializing in construction of ship and vessels, their upgrading, retrofitting and disposal. Every year hundreds of ships and vessels are launched at shipbuilding facilities. These crafts are tankers, dry cargo carriers, icebreakers, container carriers, refrigerating ships, whaling factory ships, drilling ships, multi-mission vessels. These facilities are the place of production of various mechanisms, boilers, shipboard facilities, so-called hull attachments (knights, leads, bitts, eyelet holes, access holes, companion hatches, staircases, portholes, etc.) and so on.

A shipbuilding facility is made by a number of special-purpose structures and hardware designated for constructing a vessel and installing all the equipment (boathouses, hull shops), preparation rooms as well as ship machine-building shops providing separate auxiliary machinery and seaborne equipment parts for productive work.

At the shipbuilding facility, full range of vessel construction works is performed, and this differs it from a shipbuilding or ship-assembly yard. Besides, a shipbuilding facility is more independent from other enterprises of the shipbuilding industry.

The Structure of Shipbuilding Facilities

As a rule, the majority of Russian shipbuilding facilities is represented by metal shipbuilding enterprises. They comprise the following components:

  • basic and subjacent territory, water area;
  • launch constructions (boatslides, shipbuilding ways, docks);
  • building berths equipped with cranes designed for outfitting works as well as ship servicing and moorage after testing;
  • a group of hull shops (hull-processing subdivision, metal warehouse, mold loft, assembling-welding subdivision, slip assembly shop with auxiliary units);
  • a group of machining shops;
  • a group of auxiliary shops;
  • storage facilities;
  • transportation facilities;
  • administration and servicing buildings.

Features of Shipbuilding Facilities Location

Marine shipbuilding facilities are located in close proximity to sea basins or on rivers and channels with sea pilot-out feature. River shipbuilding facilities are, as a rule, located in river basins.

When locating shipbuilding facilities, their proximity to operational locations of orders under construction is to be taken into account. This is important to avoid following ferry of finished vessels to permanent places of work, since ferry operations entail additional financial expenditures. Unfortunately, the situation is opposite in practice. For example, the majority of refrigerated freighters is constructed at southern shipbuilding facilities while being operated in the Far East, North and Baltics.

Near-Term Russian Shipbuilding Outlooks

An important document was adopted ensuring regular development of the industry in Russia. This is the Strategy of Development of the Shipbuilding Industry for the Period until 2020 and further. However, the reality shows that under conditions of the world financial crisis coinciding with protracted local crisis of the Russian shipbuilding industry, the Strategy is to be revised. Russian shipbuilders cannot implement some middle-term plans.

First of all, national shipbuilding facilities should not rely upon major orders of domestic or foreign companies, since sea-borne trade needs 5-6 years to restore former traffic volume.

Secondly, decrease in shipbuilding products’ prices is to depress profitability of constructing new Russian shipbuilding facilities and yards.

Thirdly, possibilities of the national iron and steel industry do not cover needs of the large-capacity shipbuilding.

Fourthly, considerable cutoff of prices on imported shipbuilding equipment vital for upgrading existing shipbuilding enterprises should not be expected. Meanwhile, the leading foreign shipbuilding facilities are in position to upgrade their capacities by construction technology transfer.


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