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More on shipbuilding yards

The word “yard” comes from the Dutch “verf” and means the place used for construction and repair of ships. Depending on the equipment used, there are shipbuilding and ship assembly yards. Ship assembly yards perform ship assembly from components and modules. Shipbuilding yards perform construction of ships from the beginning to the very end and equip them with facilities and mechanisms produced at other enterprises.

At a shipbuilding yard, the following operations are performed:

  • mould loft works;
  • hull component fabrication;
  • preliminary assembly and welding of hull constructions;
  • assembly of the ship hull at the staple;
  • equipment installation;
  • pipeline mounting;
  • rigging, finishing and painting;
  • launch and commissioning trials.

At Russian shipbuilding yards all war ships, research vessels, nuclear-powered icebreakers and certain shelf exploration facilities equipment are constructed. Passenger and fishing ships for the Russian fleet are, as a rule, constructed abroad.

Shipbuilding Yards Features

Like shipbuilding plants, shipbuilding yards are located on the shore and each of them has its own water area. However, the majority of Russian shipbuilding yards are parts of shipbuilding plants. In addition to sea yards, there are river and lake ones having special features.

Often, yards are specialized; one build ships, other – submarines or icebreakers. With normal fabrication load, it ensures perfection of one or another technology. Besides, the efficiency of the approach (comparing to the universal one) is provided by increase in production with full capacity utilization, building cost decrease, production cycle reduction, and overhead cost cutting. As experience demonstrates, large-scale manufacture substantively lowers labor content for each subsequent vessel. It should be noted that the cost of equipment fabricated at a specialized enterprise is well below than at a shipbuilding plant. A shipbuilding yard is also attractive since its construction requires less time and capital expenditure.

Shipbuilding yards depend on third party enterprises in the less extent than ship assembly ones, but it is still a dependence. So, the level of interaction with suppliers of equipment plays an important role in the operating process.

Situation in Russia and in the World

Today, Russian yards undergo the same hardship as the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in the whole. Long-term lack of financing resulted in the noticeable arrearage from the leading foreign enterprises and even more: new leaders came to the market in the last decades – South Korean and Chinese companies which feature in high productivity.

At the same time the global shipbuilding industry suffers economic crisis and from 2008 volume of shipbuilding orders have been lowering nearly at all shipbuilding enterprises. The world recession makes some shipbuilding companies sell a part of their yards to other enterprises and some European yards have crashed.

As for Russia, since construction of a new yard is cheaper and simpler than upgrading of the old one, our shipbuilders are going to turn to this option. In the Primosk Territory, foreign investors participate in the construction of two new yards on the basis of a shipbuilding and ship repair plants and the foundation stones for these yards have already been laid. The yards under construction have already signed up orders for construction of heavy-duty ships of the most actual types – tankers and LNG carriers. A state yard is to be constructed not far from Saint-Petersburg and other projects are being discussed now.


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