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24-25 May 2017
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Equipment for oil and gas production and development of ocean and shelf resources

Continental shelve mining is one of the high-priority direction for the development of several industries. That is true, first of all, for oil-and-gas industry since the conventional deposits of hydrocarbons are close to exhaustion.

The significance of the exploration of the Ocean’s resources is obvious to practically anyone. In Russia, both scientists and public authorities are controlling the process constantly. Programs worked-out to detail, laws and bylaws regulating the works on the shelve and determining the highest priority directions are adopted on a regular basis.

Along with that, the orders for installations for operations on the shelve is one of the most significant sources of financing for the whole Russian machine-building industry. These operations require offshore drill unit, platforms as well as numerous kinds of accompanying equipment. Mathematical models of processes, geological surveys and many, many other things are required as well.

Equipment for oil and gas production and development of ocean and shelf resources – a brief overview

The Russian Federation is one of the world’s leaders by oil and gas reserves and production. Today, Russia produces one seventh of primary energy resources of the globe. There are 12.9% of world’s explored reserves of oil and 36.4% of gas. The economy of our state greatly depends on efficiency of oil and gas producers. More information…

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