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Equipment for oil and gas production and development of ocean and shelf resources – a brief overview

The Russian Federation is one of the world’s leaders by oil and gas reserves and production. Today, Russia produces one seventh of primary energy resources of the globe. There are 12.9% of world’s explored reserves of oil and 36.4% of gas. The economy of our state greatly depends on efficiency of oil and gas producers.

Oil and gas production is rather a complicated and long process from field search to raw material transportation to a processing or consumption facility. At any stage, the entire complex of specialized equipment is used assuring volume of crude materials, people safety and environmental security.

Equipment For Oil and Gas Production and Development of Mineral Resources

Modern oil and gas production equipment is a complex of units comprising:

  • pump, well and control head equipment;
  • automated plants for collection and measurement of production performance;
  • equipment for offshore oil and gas producing platforms;
  • crude hydrocarbons rectification, refining and processing units;
  • and great number of other oil and gas processing equipment.

Year by year more requirements are imposed to equipment used, so Russian scientists and designers develop more advanced models for oil and gas industry. Improvements are generally made in regards to energy consumption and furthering environmental safety.

Classification of Equipment Used in Oil and Gas Field Development

Equipment used at oil and gas fields can be classified as follows:

  • equipment used for various field operations;
  • well development equipment;
  • reservoir gas and oil hoisting equipment;
  • equipment to effect a reservoir;
  • well repair equipment;
  • equipment for oil and gas gathering and preparation for transportation.

At each field development stage, special equipment is used. In the course of exploration drilling, autonomous boring machines are used designed with considering main requirement of minimum energy consumption along with keeping operating features.

Production drilling means availability of equipped area and power supply. That is why drilling equipment is designed with account for external power sources. Another important feature of these operations is opportunity to drill directional wells. So, several wells from one platform can be drilled thus increasing its productive capacity.

Profitability can be raised by proper selection of pumps, since their wearing qualities and efficiency directly affect the total income of a company.

Also is necessary a service equipment complex used for service engineering of all equipment of the platform, appraisal depreciation of all units and components and carrying out of running repair.

Prospects of Shelf Development in Russia

Stimulation of geological exploration works in the Eastern Siberia and on Russian shelves is necessary to attain objectives set in front of the O&G industry by “The Energy Strategy of Russia till 2020”. Exactly these territories are to supply Russia with oil and gas in the nearest future.

Development of oil and gas potential of the Eastern Arctic Shelf of Russia is one of the most important objective, since reserves of explored on the shelves of Far-Eastern and Western Arctic seas cannot cover needs for hydrocarbons. In accordance with “The Programme for Regional Geological Survey of Oil and Gas Content and Subsoil Management on the Continental Shelf of the Russian Federation till 2020”, the list of strategic survey areas comprises the Barents, Kara Seas and Sea of Okhotsk.

In accordance with “The Long-Term State Programme for Survey of Subsurface Resources and Reproduction of Raw-Material Base of Russia on the Ground of Consumption and Reproduction Balance of Minerals”, oil industrial reserves growth is to amount 1.3 bln tons by 2020 and 2.15 bln tons by 2030. This means that over 100 oil and gas fields with technically recoverable reserves over 20 mln tons are to be stroke within 20 years.

Legal Base in the Area of Development of Oil and Gas Potential of the Continental Shelf

The list of legal documents regulating development of oil and gas potential of the continental shelf of Russia comprises Federal Laws of the Russian Federation:

  • On Subsurface Resources establishing legal and economic bases of complementary use of subsurface resources and their protection;
  • On Inland Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Adjacent Zones of the Russian Federation regulating issues of creation, operation and use of artificial islands, facilities and plants;
  • On the Continental Shelf of the Russian Federation specifying status of the continental shelf and general questions of creation, operation of facilities at offshore oil and gas fields including safety control.

Challenges and Prospects of the Industry

O&G industry benefits from oil and gas price surge on the world market: excess profit ensures large investments into upgrading and expanding O&G complex enterprises.

The priority task of Russian oil companies consists in purchase of up-to-date equipment and adoption of new technologies. Use of obsolete equipment is not profitable and can be dangerous. Due to new technologies, well efficiency can be raised significantly and oil and gas output can be increases.


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