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Industry news related to Sea and River Ports

New Port Design Bureau

September 06, 2010

On September 2 at the board meeting of the Association of Commercial Seaports (ASOP), Igor Rusu, CEO FGUP Rosmorport, reported that his government agency considers the possibility of establishing a new design institute specializing in design of port infrastructure facilities. More information…

Russia Gets Ready for Implementing New Order of Port State Control

August 12, 2010

In accordance with so-called Paris MOU (the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control), the Russian Federation started preparation for implementation of a new order of the port state control. More information…

Commission for Harborage Area Cleaning from Abandoned Vessels

August 12, 2010

In the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, an inter-agency commission for harborage area cleaning from abandoned vessels was established. More information…

All Seaports of the Leningrad Region and the Lead Saint-Petersburg Harbor Merged into a Single Structure

July 30, 2010

All seaports of the Leningrad Region and Big Port Saint-Petersburg have been merged into a single structure — Administration of Russian Ports of the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland. More information…

Makhachkala Port May Become One of the Leading Russian Sea Ports

July 07, 2010

In the course of the United Russia Interregional Conference “North Caucasus Socio-Economic Development Strategy till 2020. Program for 2010-2012”, Chairman of the Government Vladimir Putin stated that Makhachkala may become one of the leading Russian sea ports. More information…

The State Will Repay Debts of Nevelsky Port and Apply for Discharge of Bankruptcy

May 30, 2010

The state will repay debts of FGUP Nevelsky Sea Fishing Port following which it will apply for completion of bankruptcy proceedings. More information…

The Sale of Yeisk Seaport Formally Confirmed

April 02, 2010

OAO Sovfrakht confirmed the sale of 53.2% of shares of OAO Yeisk Seaport by affiliates of the group. OOO TTDKh is a new owner of the port. More information…

A Moorage and Marine Passenger Terminal in Murmansk

April 02, 2010

The beginning the reconstruction of a moorage and marine passenger terminal in Murmansk scheduled by the regional government for 2008 and postponed due to the crisis for 2010 is deferred again for an indefinite term. More information…

Ships Equipped with Atomic Propulsion Units Allowed to Enter to the Sea Port Vitino (the Murmansk Region)

March 30, 2010

By the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation №417-p dated 25/03/2010, the sea port Vitino was included into the list of sea ports of the Russian Federation where ships equipped and other crafts with atomic propulsion units and radiation sources approved by the Directive of the Russian Federation №14-p dated 6/01/1997. More information…

Rosmorport Announced a Contractor Tender for Construction and Reconstruction of 8 Terminals of the Sea Port of Sochi

March 30, 2010

FGUP “Rosmorport” announced a contractor tender for a state contract on detailed design and construction works at “8 sea terminals of the Sea Port of Sochi (Imeretinka, Adler, Kurgorodok, Khosta, Matsesta, Dagomys, Loo, Lazarevsoe)”. More information…


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