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More on manufacturing enterprises in the marine industry

The industrial base of the shipbuilding comprises multiprofile shipbuilding, ship-repair and engineering plants. Navigation and shipping, fishery and shelf oil production, trade and freightage are ensured by vessels as such and associated hardware – navigation aids, communication units, life support systems, activity-specific appliances and many other things including port facilities.

The sector responsible for production of all things necessary in the marine industry is immense. Over 160 enterprises are involved only in the area of the Russian shipbuilding, the majority of them is represented by stock companies. That is about 200 thousand of employees throughout the country. As is evident from the title, shipbuilding enterprises are engaged in building vessels. There are three basic kinds of shipbuilding enterprises:

  • shipbuilding facilities,
  • shipbuilding dockyards;
  • ship-assembly yards.

When a location of each type of enterprises is defined, a multitude of characteristics are taken into account: from geographical (developed water area availability) to logistical ones (every shipbuilding industry is to be connected with engineering and other enterprises delivering ship parts by means of convenient ways). In this context,a shipbuilding facility is much more autonomous than a shipbuilding dockyard, since some ship parts are manufactured in its shops. On the other hands, dockyard construction comes less expensive and time-consuming.

Shipbuilding is rather a peculiar industry. Its specific character comes through the fact that in ship construction, the fruits of the entire network of industries are joined. These industries are metallurgy, instrument-making, mechanic engineering, electronics and so on. At the same time, the shipbuilding is in some degree determines the development vector of these industries, stimulates them in raising technological level and production quality. According to some experts, one new work position in the shipbuilding creates 4-5 work positions in related industries.

However, the nature of the tax burden (for example, high tariff import rates for technological equipment) generates a negative impact on industrial structure of Russian production plants of the industry. So, a greater number of hulls is produced in order to be tugged to foreign dockyards for further equipping.

Stage Support for the Shipbuilding and Production in the Marine Industry

The structure of the new programme Within the framework of the Federal Target Programme “The Development of the of the Civil Marine Equipment for the Period of 2009-2016”, the Strategy of the Development of the Shipbuilding Industry for the Period until 2020 and further, and other documents, qualitative change of the state of the shipbuilding and related industries are to be achieved. The causes of the protracted crisis are divided into several groups:

  1. Research and technology inferiority comparing to leading sea powers due to cut back of new development financing;
  2. Ageing of equipment of industrial manufacturing enterprises, including mechanical-engineering and instrument-making ones;
  3. Technological underdevelopment (for example, construction of pre-fabricated large-blocks is rarely used at shipbuilding facilities), lack of production park for a number of series of civil vessels (for example civil vessels of 100 thousand tons displacement are not built);
  4. Challenging finance and credit conditions making construction of transport and fishery vessels at Russian dockyards unprofitable.

Investment breakdown - by technologic directions State programmes provide for powerful financial support for the industry and production expansion in the shipbuilding.

According to Viktor Khristenko, ex-minister of industry and trade, we can say that the programmes work. In addition to the package of certain measures, the programmes comprise implementation performance indicators. Increase in labor productivity in the shipbuilding (2.5 times by 2015) is one of such indicators.


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