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More on mass media in the marine industry

Ease of access to necessary information depends on development, organizational completeness, quality and keeping of information resources. They are closely connected with various ways and channels of dissemination of information and rendering services in this field: mass-media (MSM), libraries, advertising agencies, computer networks, information and analytical offices, polygraph market, etc.

Today major part of mass-media exists in electronic format. Specific magazines and newspapers have their own e-mail accounts in the world wide web.

Specialized Mass-Media

Some information agencies offer commercial organizations services on analysis and research of the current state of the Russian shipbuilding, collection of information on primary consumers of shipbuilding production in Russia (navigation companies, freight carriers, fishing companies). In their work, agencies monitor publications in mass-media and various databases of the shipbuilding industry and state of the water transport of the Russian Federation, information from state statistics, customs and tax services, materials of the Ministry of Transportation, the Federal Agency for Water Transport. Basing on researches conducted, future development of the shipbuilding industry as a whole can be estimated, and possibilities of implementation of various investment projects concerning shipyards reconstruction and construction can be defined.

Specialized shipbuilding and ship-repair magazines offer their readers articles on various vessel projects including arrangement plans as well as photos of ships on berths and trial rides. They also publish interview with managers of leading enterprises of the industry, design bureau, navigation companies, shipping companies; descriptions of processes of upgrading, ship-repair and renovation of seaborne machinery and components; reviews of war shipbuilding and information on the history of the shipbuilding.

The Organization of the Information Field in the Area of Shipbuilding and Ship-Repair

There are two types of sea magazines and newspapers. The first are dedicated to issues of the industry as a whole, and in special standing heads, touch upon common and specific-industry subjects. The other are focused on a certain area and consider its problems, news, changes at enterprises and so on.

According to research conducted, the issues of shipbuilding are leading in the industrial information field. The total volume of materials related to this topic amount to 40%. The topic “port” occupies only 7% of the total volume. Approximately the same volume is accounted for topics “ship-repair”, “fishery” and “equipment”. The share of materials dedicated to topics “navigation” and “water transport” amounts to 18%.


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