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More on surveyor services

Surveyor services comprise carrier vehicle inspection with the aim of independent expert assessment of quality and quantity of cargo, cargo reception preparedness and transportation, and of good condition of equipment. In capacity of experts act the third independent party represented by a legal or natural person.

They differ freight and marine survey. Freight survey is a qualitative and quantitative expert examination of freight being transported or stored. In addition to expert examination of freight, marine survey comprises a number of surveyor inspections for ship state estimation.

The main services included into notion “surveyor services” (marine survey) are:

  • draught survey;
  • pre-loading survey;
  • sealing/unsealing;
  • hold condition inspection;
  • hatch cover watertightness test;
  • hull & machinery survey;
  • full condition survey;
  • bunker survey;
  • bunker/ballast/cargo sampling;
  • on/off hire survey;
  • condition survey.

To the list such services can be added as preparation of ship premises, tally services (control of loading and unloading; stowage control; cargo quantity and condition control; packed hazardous cargo inspection; multimodal dangerous goods declaration filling; consulting on imported-exported dangerous goods transportation arrangement, supervision of brace safety requirement conformity, and so on).

Typical Situations

Most frequently emergency situations occur in case of violation rules of handling operations and transportation. According to experts, lassitude of crew members becomes a significant factor in this case, because while staying at a port, they feel serious physical and emotional stress caused by lots of inspections of regulatory authorities. So, shipment often cannot be supervised at the high level without subcontracting due to the shortage of time. Besides, competent management of this process requires tremendous scope of knowledge. Often, the crew has no experience of handling any cargo and is not aware of all the nuances of its stowage. In addition to it, ship specialists are not aware of cargo identification and marking systems since these systems differ in various ports.

Another common situation consists in the difficulty of fixing the time of cargo damage. On taking the cargo on board and signing act of safekeeping, a ship specialist often discovers damages which obviously inflicted before shipping and were overlooked at a ordinary inspection. Surveyor is a specialist performing thorough cargo examination with mistake probability much less than in case with seamen overloaded with work.

It is necessary to note that in case of cargo damage two classes of circumstances are considered in the course of the trial: foundation of the claim to the carrier and his exculpatory evidences. The carrier is considered to be guilty till the contrary is proved.

Most often, the opinion of an expert – surveyor – becomes the determinant factor of the trial, and even more, no court starts proceeding without an expert evidence.

As a result, the service of pre-insurance survey is rendered. This service comprises expert services and after considering their results, underwriter and policy holder are informed on insured risks. Insurance survey is a service rendered to insurance companies after an emergency took place. This service comprises assessment of damage and analysis of causes of an accident, and the corresponding report is issued. Events prove that surveyors’ activity ensure prompt solution of a benefit payment issue.

Situation in Russia

Demand for surveyor servicing of sea-going ships is steadily growing. Till 2006, only licensed natural or legal persons could render these services. Since the licensing was cancelled, the market was filled with many surveyor companies.

When selecting a surveyor company today, it is necessary to consider not only availability of certificate of conformity with surveyor service rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (MR) as well as time of activity on the market, qualification of its staff, availability of own laboratories or partnership agreement with independent third-party expert organizations, etc.

The company is obliged to present its customer daily tally report. In addition to it, when all handling operations are over, the tally report and final tally statement are to be presented.

Qualified surveyors’ services will help to save both material resources and time as well as prevent emergency situations. And in each specific case, it is necessary to make a decision whether the customer needs the whole service package or only some of them.


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