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More on services for the shipping industry

Various companies and organizations rendering services for provision of ship free movement ensure shipping industry efficiency. Below are listed such services:

  • agency services in ports;
  • brokerage services;
  • freight forwarding;
  • chartering;
  • ship chandler services (fleet maintenance supplies);
  • crewing (recruitment of rank and file as well as command staff);
  • technical and commercial ship management;
  • carrying out of diving operations;
  • services for securing and special securing of cargoes;
  • vessel towing;
  • provision of outside harbor gas-freeing and fumigation platform;
  • other services.

Services related to fulfilling formalities and requirements when entering and exiting the port, customs and sanitary examinations, receipt of necessary documents and payment of duties are most common services. This list can be competed with support in organizing and executing cargo handling operations, provision of tug withdrawal, pilotage outwards, cargo logistics provision, exclusion of ship demurrage and so on.

Information services consisting in reporting on port entry, running state of handling and auxiliary operations, port exit, quantity of cargo being transported and other conditions related to moorage in port area are not superfluous for ship-owning companies. When entering foreign ports, companies inform the master and ship-owner on rules, traditions and important decrees of the land. They also furnish with other data.

In case of emergency, companies offering services to shipping organizations directly participate in making investigations and drawing up statements of facts related to immediately related to crashes, inspections and examinations.

Logistics and supply consists in provision of marine life-saving and fire-fighting equipment testing services, spare part delivery on ship-owners’ orders, fueling, logistics and operability assurance of safety management systems.

Various technical services related to casual or systematic control are offered for ensuring economic and accident-free operation of ship power plants. Such checks include:

  • quality inspection of a bunker for acceptance and storage of fuel and lubricants;
  • elaboration of mechanism and machine lubrication charts and their change with reference of variation of operating conditions;
  • variation of onboard boiler plant water-treatment modes with the purpose of cutting operational costs;
  • performance evaluation of onboard oil and ICE fuel purifying facilities (filters and separation units);
  • technical condition control of stern gears, adjustable pitch propellers and reducers in accordance with carried analysis pursuant to Rules of the classification society;
  • providing of recommendations on heat-transfer liquid application and their chemical test;
  • water testing: bilge, cooling, boiler, oil-containing;
  • consultancy on compatibility of various kinds of fuels and lubricants, including used additives improving combustion procedure.


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