VII International forum
“Marine Industry of Russia”
Hotel complex
Department of affairs of the President of the Russian Federation

Moscow, 24, B.Yakimanka Str
24-25 May 2017
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Ecology. Water resources conservation

This section of the website is dedicated to companies acting in the field of environmental conservation and water resources protection.

Enterprises Engaged in Conservation of Water Resources

Attention! The list of enterprises with full details is subject to change in future depending on the inclusion of the Participants into the list and application forms registration.

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More on ecology and water resource conservation

Water is one of the most important resources used by the mankind for different problems. Navigable rivers and seas are waterways. Floor and shelf are source of minerals. Apart from being necessary for vital activity, fresh water is comprehensive refrigerant and solvent for manufacturing process. But often the world sea is used as a bottomless drain sump. Human intervention irreversibly changes landscape, rivers, all environment.

The need for purification and prevention of water contamination is long overdue. In various countries, measures on water resource conservation are taken, and treatment plant projects, methods of water recovery, technologies of sustainable and ecological use are designed. Under the guidance of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology, such work is carried out in Russia.

One of the themes of Marine Industry of Russia Forum is desiccation and water resource protection. We should consider various ways of handling the problem. These are engineering controls, legal protection of water resources, ways of interaction with industrial organizations, prohibitions against untreated water discharge, creation of water protection zones, participation in self-purification, and many other activities.


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