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4th Dry-Cargo Vessel Construction by Order of UCLH Is to Begin

February 19, 2010

In China in January, 2010, the fourth 5280 DWT multipurpose sea-going dry-cargo vessel of DCV36 project was laid down for Universal Cargo Logistics Holding.

The holding is made by Management Company “Management of Transport Assets”, North-Western Shipping Company, Volga Shipping Company, sea ports of Saint-Petersburg, Tuapse and Taganrog, V.F.Tanker, Oka Shipyard, Nevsky Shipbuilding Ship-Repair Plant and some other assets.

The vessel (construction number QHS 304) is being constructed at Chinese yard Qingdao Hyundai Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd (Qingdao).

As of February 10, 2010, seven of ten contracted vessels are in one or another building stage. 33 of 38 units of the main body of the lead vessel (construction number QHS 301) have been manufactured by now. 28 units of the main body of the second vessel (construction number QHS 302) have been manufactured by now. 5 units of the main body of the third vessel (construction number QHS 303) have been manufactured by now.

DCV36 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

As distinct from previous dry-cargo vessel series constructed by order of the holding, the new project is a sea-going vessel of unlimited navigation area with corresponding safety margin, thickness of hull members and main engines capacity. DCV36 project features pronounced innovative nature, since it assumes constructing an up-to-date single-hold dry-cargo vessel with deadweight exceeding 5000 tons and calculated length up to 85 m.

DCV36 project ship is designated for sea transportation of general and bulk cargoes, including 20- and 40-feet standard containers with height of up to 9.5 feet (an even refrigerator containers), metal, cereals, wood, coal, bulky and heavy cargoes, 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 class and Annex B of Code BC dangerous goods. Ice3 ice category ensures operation in the Baltic and White Seas in winter conditions.

Vessel design was drawn up taking into account requirement for KM Ice 3 АUT1 class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (MR).

The dry-cargo vessel is a single-deck, single-hold, single-screw motor ship of unlimited navigation area, with fore- and after-castle, deck-house and engine-room located aft, double bottom and double boards in the freight hold, removable grain bulkheads, bulb fore end, flat stern, folding type hatch covers, and bow thruster.


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