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Agreements on shipping in the Arctic will be no earlier than 2013

March 05, 2012

Development of the ”Polar Code” began in 2009, the original plan document should be ready by 2012. However, as stated in the message, the document will be ready no earlier than 2013. One of the main reasons for the delay, according to the IMO report, published last October – the lack of data on the effect of shipping on the Arctic environment and biodiversity, as well as on the current status and use of trails in the waters of the Arctic and Southern Oceans.

”Polar Code” is conceived as a pan-Arctic document regulating and recommending rules of navigation in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctic. This ”regional register” should be to regulate the development of systems of informing about the ice conditions and safety in polar waters, including environmental (search and rescue, and response to oil spills), with new routes and opportunities.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has called to prepare a paper and put it into use as soon as possible.

”The need to regulate the shipping increases in proportion to its increase … A short path through the Arctic will soon become attractive, but if you do not enter the regulation, shipping may be unsafe for the environment and for the sailors themselves who are not familiar with the complex natural conditions,” – WWF representative said Martin von Mirbach (Martin von Mirbach), whose fishing shows in the message.

Source: RIA news

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