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RUR 14.3 bln Appropriated for National Shipbuilding in 2010: Russian Government Waits for Return

August 09, 2010

At the session of the Presidium of the Government of the Russian Federation which took place on August 5, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said: “The state steers significant money into shipbuilding. As recently as this year, RUR 14.3 bln were appropriated to this end. So, we are within our right to expect adequate return from our shipbuilders, since the situation offers consistent opportunities are available now: output growth in 2009 exceeded 30%”.

The meeting discussed draft technical regulations stipulating essential requirements for sea- and river-going vessels. According to the head of government, these documents “are necessary for improving safety of navigation so that national industry could start producing more actual, reliable and powerful marine equipment to be used for enhancement of the Russian commercial and fishing fleet, development of natural resources of the High North and Russian shelf, renewal of such a promising market as river transportation and, of course, of tourism”.

For reference: according to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, overall production of Russian shipbuilding enterprises reduced by 15.1% in the first two months of 2010.

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