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The Association of Shipping Companies Made an Appeal

May 11, 2010

Participants of the extended meeting of the Board of the Association of Shipping Companies (ASK) regarding Measures for Wider Application of Financial Leasing in Construction of River-going Vessels made notes of destructive trends in the shipbuilding. According to their forecasts, the majority of working river-going vessels are to be written off within next 10 years, and if no adequate replacement of those is available, the river transport will stagnate. Which is inadmissible, if we take into consideration its role in the national economy and international trade as well as life support to population, enterprises and public institutions located in the regions of the High North.

At that as participants of the meeting pointed out, shipping companies do not have enough own resources to place orders for construction of river-going vessels while Russian banks do not grant low-interest and long-term credits for fleet construction. Besides, due to technological inferiority and existing tax environment, placing orders at domestic enterprises is now disadvantageous both in terms of duration and cost.

Basing the meeting results, the Address was prepared in which association participants made their suggestions to institutions concerned.


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