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Atomflot FGUP Summarized 2009

January 18, 2010

For the staff of Atomflot FGUP, 2009 passed under the sign of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the nuclear icebreaker fleet of the Russian Federation. All the year, the company worked as part of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation.

In consequence of the conversion of the managerial system of the atom icebreaker fleet, considerable economic effect was gained. Nuclear icebreaker fleet maintenance costs decreased by 500 mln. rubles. As for administration of the fleet, its legal form and structure has been changed in the course of transitional period.

Support obligations for Arctic navigation on the Northern Sea Route are carried out at full. These include direct control of maritime operations and ship cruising on all the ways of the Northern Sea Route on the part of the maritime headquarters. The run of Yamal nuclear ship performed with the aim of evacuation of polar explorers from Severny Polus-36 station and disembarkation of SP-37 staff became a notable event in icebreaker support for scientific activities in the Arctic Region. This was not the unique scientific run supported by nuclear icebreakers.

The power plant of Taimyr icebreaker was charged with fresh nuclear fuel and spent fuel was delivered to Mayak PO. For the purpose of spent fuel freight in shipping containers, operations on retrofitting of Serebryanka motor vessel were carried out. Two first runs for transportation of standard spent fuel from Gremikha settlement were performed. This autumn, Lepse floating technical base was repaired at the docks within the framework of its preparation for the transfer to Nerpa ship repair yard where it is to be disposed. Besides, Arktika nuclear icebreaker and Lotta floating factory were also repaired in the dock. Ship docking is performed with high quality comprising hull cleaning and painting in compliance with the strictest world standards.

As of November 1, 2009, Atomflot Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) received 100% of the annual volume of grant for maintenance of facilities related to use of atomic energy. The enterprise liquidated its debt in full including tax liabilities.

Human resources of the enterprise are saved for the further development of the nuclear icebreaker fleet, among other things owing to wage raise (fleet – by 61%, and onshore divisions – by 44% for the year).

Source: Press-release of the External Affairs of Atomflot FGUP

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