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The Capacity of Ports in the Azov-Don Basin Grew By More Than 46% in January

February 08, 2010

In January, 2010, the capacity of ports in the Azov-Don Basin grew by more than 46.5% amounting to 638.5 thousand tons, comparing to the same period of the previous year.

The major part of the cargo traffic falls on agricultural products export to the countries of the Mediterranean basin, which volume grew 1.5 times (352.74 thousand tons).

Besides, scrap metal export to Turkish and Greek ports grew 3.3 times (to 18.073 thousand tons), petrochemical export grew 3.2 times (129 thousand tons comparing to 40 thousand tons in the last year). All this attributes among other issues to the start-up of the terminal of the Rostov branch of Novoshakhtinsky Oil Refinery in the end of 2009.

Source: RZD-Partner

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