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Survey of the Barents Sea Are One of the Priorities of Minprirody of Russia for 2010-2011 - Dmitry Dmitrienko

April 02, 2010

Survey of the Barents Sea are one of the priorities of the Ministry of Natural Resourses of the Russian Federation for 2010-2011. This was communicated by the Governor of the Murmansk Region Dmitry Dmitrienko following the results of the scheduled meeting of the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation which took place in Moscow on March 30. According to the Department of Communication Policy and Interaction with Mass-Media of the Central Office of the regional Government, the objective of this work is to bring the level of the survey of Russian Arctic seas to European standards.

“It means that certain funds are to be invested providing full survey of all fields including those of the Barents Sea,” pointed Dmitry Dmitrienko. – Which is to allow us to cooperate with potential investors.”

Dmitry Dmitrienko also told that the matter of amendments to the applicable legislation was discussed at the meeting. These amendments are to ensure liberalization of access terms to work on the Russian Arctic shelf. As expected, this will make it possible to obtain extra funds. Besides, amendments introducing shelf field ranking on the basis of field volume are probably to be made.

It should be noted that at the meeting of the Marine Board, the Vice Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov stated that “overall geological and geophysical knowledge of Russian water areas is rather low and irregular” due to which in the current year it is proposed to focus on survey of Arctic water areas. The Deputy of the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy said in his turn that the funds annually assigned for shelf operations can amount to RUR 5 bln.

Source: PortNews

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