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Blagoveschensk Shipbuilding Plant Will Launch 7 Seiners from May till September, 2010

April 07, 2010

From May till September Blagoveschensk Shipbuilding Plant in the name of the October Revolution (the Amur Region) will launch 7 small seiners. This is to be done in accordance with contractual obligations. The plant continues to secure orders for construction of vessels for Far East seafarers, communicates RIA FederalPress.

Thus, late Friday a contract for construction of another seiner for Sakhalin was signed. Earlier, from November till January, Sakhalin ordered in the Amur River region 3 ships which are now being assembled in the plant’s shops. In accordance with the operating schedule, the seiners are to be delivered in May, 2010.

Besides, in February the Amur plant with the assistance of the regional authorities signed contracts for delivery of three vessels for needs of the Kamchatka fishing fleet.

All in all, the plant it to deliver its customers 10 small seiners in 2010. And in order to meet the schedule of the future year, the construction of other 6 vessels is to begin in the coming autumn.

Source: PortNews

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