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The Russian Government Is to Consider a Draft Regulation on Powers of Bodies in the Area of Issue of Permits to Apply Ship and On-Board Radio Stations

March 04, 2010

On its session held on March 4, the Russian Government is to consider a draft regulation stipulating powers of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Communications and the Ministry of Transport regarding confirmation of forms and issuance procedure of permits to apply ship and on-board radio stations, correspondingly. According to PRIME-TASS, at the same time, the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications and the Federal Air Transport Agency are to be conferred powers to issue permits for ship and on-board radio stations, correspondingly.

The draft regulation was introduced by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Communications in order to implement the provisions of the Federal Law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding Issue of Permits for Ship and On-Board Radio Stations.

The Federal Law orders and systematizes communication terminology, namely, changes names of authorization documents from “ship radio station license” and “on-board radio station license” to “ship radio station permit” and “on-board radio station permit”. These authorization documents are required by international acts, including the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunications Union. However, before enaction of the federal law, no regulatory legal acts defined any authorities on issue of necessary, and actually issued authorization documents.

The enactment of the law will help to order and systematize authorization-issue activity in the area of telecommunication and, correspondingly, to improve operating efficiency of the federal executive bodies with regard to control and supervision.

Source: PortNews

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