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Cargo Turnover of Russian Sea Ports in January, 2010

February 15, 2010

Cargo turnover of Russian sea ports grew by 9.1% in January comparing to the same period of 2009, amounting 40.2 mln. tons. Volume of transshipment of dry cargoes amounted 14.3 mln. tones (+12.2%), bulked cargoes – 25.9 mln. tons (+7.6%).

Volume of export cargo amounted 31.6 mln. tons which is 10.9% more than the same period of 2009. Among them: coal – 4.6 mln. t. (+1.9%), ferrous metals – 2.3 mln. t. (+21.6%), grain – 1.35 mln. t. (half as much), containerized cargoes – 0.7 mln. t. (+28.9%), bulk cargoes – 20.4 mln. t. (+10.3%).

Imported cargo transshipment was 2.2 mln. t. (+21.6%), including containerized cargoes – 1.1 mln. t. (+35.0%).

The amount of transit cargoes was the same as in January, 2009 – 3.9 mln. t.

Cabotage cargo transshipment decreased by 5.8%.

Operators of sea terminals of the North-West basin transshipped 16.9 mln. t. which equals to the amount transshipped in January, 2009. Cargo turnover of Primorsk Port grew by 2.1% amounting 6.6 mln. t., that of Big Port Saint Petersburg increased by 18.4% reaching 3.5 mln. t., that of Kaliningrad Port – by 9.3% and amounted 1.0 mln. t. Cargo turnover of the following ports decreased: Vysotsk (-25.7%) down to 1.1 mln. t. and Murmansk (-12.5%) down to 2.7 mln. t.

Cargo turnover of the ports of the South basin grew by 5.1% reaching 14.8 mln. t. for account of dry cargoes (+16.5%, amounting to 4.5 mln. t.). Bulk cargo transshipment remained on the level of January, 2009 – 10.3 mln. t. Operators of sea terminals of Novorossiysk transshipped 10.7 mln. t. (+3.1%), those of Tuapse – 1.65 mln. t. (+10.7).

Ports of the Far East transshipped 8.5 mln. t. (+46.2%), of which dry cargoes amounted 4.4 mln. t. (+25.2%) and bulk cargoes amounted 4.1 mln. t. (which is 1.8 times more than in 2009). Companies of port Vostochny increased their cargo turnover by half, those of port Vanino – by 27.0% amounting 1.9 mln. t. Cargo turnover in the port Vladivostok grew 1.7 times reaching 1.2 mln. t., and Sakhalin – three times amounting 1.6 mln. t. Nakhodka’s cargo turnover decreased by 4.1% down to 1.25 mln. t.


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