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Caspian Shipping Company Plans to Increase Transportation Volume by 2.3% - Up to 13.5 Million Tons by 2010

March 09, 2010

Caspian Shipping Company (Kaspar, Azerbaijan) forecasts the growth of transportation volume in 2010 by 2.3% as compared to 2009, thus, up to 13.5 million tons. According to IA “”, this was announced by the head of the company Aidyn Bashirov at the conference.

“Presently, the competition among Caspian states in the field carriage by sea has become stronger. Despite this fact, the volumes of transportation by Kaspar are increasing each year,” he said.

According to him, 13 million 189.7 thousand tons of cargoes was transported during 2009 (including: by tankers – 9 million 864.5 thousand tons, by dry-cargo carriers – 1 million 29 thousand tons, by ferries – 2 million 296.2 thousand tons). In 2010 the volume of transportation is forecasted to reach the level of 13.5 million tons.

Aidyn Bashirov noted that the recent changes in the world economy had a negative impact on the cargo transportation market as well, hitting most severely dry cargo transportation. Thus, due to the acute decrease of cargo transportation volume in the basins of the Black and Mediterranean seas, all dry-cargo carriers owned by Kaspar and operating in the Black sea, were moved to Azerbaijan and are now operating in the Caspian sea.

“Along with that, the growth of oil and oil-products transportation volume can be observed at the Caspian sea. Presently, the volume of oil transportation from Kazakhstan (to Baku (editors’ note) constitutes 450-500 thousand tons monthly, of which 250 thousand tons fall on the oil from Tengiz field. I think, that these volumes will only increase in the future. We also count on the growth of oil products transportation volumes from Kazakhstan this year” sail Aidyn Bashirov.

He noted that presently 75% of the overall volume of cargo transportation by Kaspar’s ships falls on oil and oil products.

Speaking on the possibility of the elimination by the Russian party of the one-time permission system and obtaining free passage through Russian water ways for Azerbajanian ships, Aidyn Bashirov noted that there have been no changes in this field recently.

“The discussion continues. The matter is that we would like to obtain the right of free passage through Russian channels and we suggest first to execute an agreement on the navigation in in-land waterways of Russia, and a general agreement on navigation afterwards. However, the Russian party suggests the reverse sequence of execution of these agreements” said Aidyn Bashirov.

Kaspar has on its balance 80 means of transportation including 42 tankers, 29 dry-cargo carriers, and 9 ferries.

Source: PortNews

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