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System from Cathelco Will Protect a Floating Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP)

April 21, 2010

Impressed-current cathodic protection system (ICCP) from Cathelco company will be used for anticorrosive protection of a hull of a Russian floating nuclear power plant being constructed in Saint-Petersburg.

The system comprises a control panel and a set of anodes and comparison electrodes (reference electrodes) mounted on the housing surface and resists corrosion by neutralizing electro-chemical reactivity.

Reference electrodes measure difference of potential between sea water and a vessel hull, depending on which the control panel increases or lowers anode voltage thus ensuring ideal anticorrosive protection.

The Cathelco impressed-current cathodic protection system was designed especially for use in Arctic conditions where due to low temperatures the sea water is less conductive than in warm climate. So, the corrosion prevention requires application of higher current density which imposes special requirements for properties of the control panel and anodes.


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