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About the Ceremony of Launching the Frigate "Gepard 3.9" by "Zelenodolskiy Shipbuilding Factory Named After Gorky"

March 23, 2010

On March, 16th, at the water area of Gorky factory, there took the solemn ceremony of launching “Gepard 3.9” of order 955.

The solemn meeting devoted to the launching of order 955 was opened by the General Director of the factory, Renat Iscanderovich Mistakhov. “Frigate “Gepard 3.9”, he said, “is the new word in the field of military shipbuilding. In order to support the construction of ships under this project, a number of advanced technologies meeting all modern requirements had been introduced at the factory”.

In May, 2005, there was signed a contract with the Navy of Vietnam for construction of two military ships of 11661 project, “Gepard-3.9” designed by Zelenodolskoye DCO; Zelenodolskiy Shipbuilding Factory named after Gorky became the contractor under this agreement. On July, 10th, 2007, order 954 was laid down.


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