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Valentina Matvienko, Governor of Saint-Petersburg, On Work of the City Executive Board in the Area of Sea Transport in 2009

February 19, 2010

Economic crisis did not impede implementing projects in sea- and river-related activities. And in this regard, the Government of Saint-Petersburg and the Sea Council acted in concert.

In 2009, the First Stevedoring Company opened terminal for ro-ro cargo handling. Petrolesport Company finished upgrading port facilities. The information system for ferry cargo receipt and storage management was put into operation. All this is not the next port upgrade stage, but I would call it a bold step to the “smart economy”. From now on, capacities of special-purpose ferry terminal of Petrolesport are able to ensure transshipment of up to 190 thousands of light vehicles and 40 thousand items of other ro-ro cargoes annually.

Last year we brought nearer to gaining another important objective consisting in making Saint-Petersburg one of the most attractive tourist resort areas. This was helped by opening the new passenger terminal on the Vasilievsky Island. From this April, Saint-Petersburg-Helsinki ferry line is to start functioning. Princess Mary ferry by St. Peter Line Company can take on board 1638 passengers and 395 automobiles.

Last year we gave much consideration to improving “sea” law and we intent proceed with this activity.

In 2009, amendments to federal laws were adopted according to which foreign citizens – ferry passengers were granted a right of 72-hour staying in Russian port cities and taking part in shore excursions without procurement of visas. We have a right to be proud these amendments were adopted on the initiative of our city and with active participation of the Sea Council.

In 2009, the borders of the Big Port Saint Petersburg finally established. Thus, for the first time from 1923 the borders of the water area and territory of the sea port of Saint Petersburg were established by the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 20/08/2009.

Throughout the year, plenary committees, sections and working groups of the Sea Council took an active part in discussing and working out proposals on the vital issues of maritime activities in Saint-Petersburg. This work yields adoption of law On Transport Service by Means of the Water Transport of Saint-Petersburg. The administration of the city enacted two more essential documents: “Industrial Scheme for Development and Allocation of Objects to Deploy and Service the Small Boats on the Territory of Saint-Petersburg” and “Development Concept for Prospective Areas (Outside Ports) of the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg”.

Source: PortNews

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