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Russia is on the Threshold of the Breakthrough in the Civil and Military Shipbuilding

December 22, 2009

Russian civil fleet is on the upgrade now. But the country needs more war ships to be constructed. So was the statement of Vladimir Putin made during his visit to Admiralteyskiye Verfi in Saint-Petersburg.

There, the arctic tanker named after people’s artist of the USSR Kirill Lavrov was launched in state.

Vladimir Putin, the prime of the Russian Federation: “I would like to note that this day twelvemonth, I saw the bright-eyed shipbuilders starting new project. It was a kind of a professional challenge. And surprisingly, it took so little time to build such a huge ship, and in this case the task was performed at the highest and most advanced technological level. Today, we attend not only the ceremony of the ship launching, but at the ceremony of its naming”.

The construction of such a huge tanker at sloping piles is a unique operation.

The tanker designed for operation in the North is able to break through 1.20 meter ice cover. However, its key feature is another one. In case of this ship, the notion of the stern (that is the back end of a ship) is rather conditional. The tanker will move in ice-free water just as usual. And through ice it will move back to front. The plant patented this development. The prime-minister was shown an experimental and as long as classified next generation diesel-electric submarine which is under construction now.

Here, at Admiralteyskiye Verfi, Vladimir Putin conducted a conference dedicated to provision of the Russian military with up-to-date specimens of equipment and armament. While the civil shipbuilding was efficiently developing for some time, according to Vladimir Putin, “such qualitative breakthrough” in the production of war ships has not occurred yet. Vladimir Putin, the prime-minister of the Russian Federation: “With that it is necessary to put the key emphasis on the large-scale production of the equipment. We need analyze the regulatory framework controlling design of war ships, naval arms and equipment as well as bridge its differences and eliminate anachronisms”.

The state is going to support those shipbuilding plants which go through financial hardships.


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