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Constructible Surface to Be Allotted for Water Fixed-Run Taxi Plant in Saint-Petersburg

August 12, 2010

Within the scope of the session held aboard a fast launch, Valentina Matvienko, governor of Saint-Petersburg, announced that possibility to allot a constructible surface for a water fixed-run taxi plant would be considered.

According to her, carriers are ready to order and built new crafts. One of these companies suggested launch construction transferred from Nizhny Novgorod to Saint-Petersburg. Valentina Matvienko highlighted that local launch construction would level down prices, increase profitability and enhance project economic indicators generally.

Two years ago the government of Saint-Petersburg worked out a concept of water passenger transportation development. The concept provided for improving transport accessibility of city districts and shorten trip times. The Transport and Transit Policy Committee held a tender winners of which organized first regular water routes: from Central Culture and Leisure Park to Arsenalnaya Quay and from hotel Moscow to the Copper Horseman.

The city authorities intend to increase number of routes and launches. 8 new launches are expected in September. So, by the next navigation a number of small crafts on the city’s water routes will grow considerably.

Besides, water taxi will be opened. Currently this new service is being detailed and its rates calculated.

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