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Construction of Communication Vessel for VMF of Russia

February 08, 2010

A communication vessel for VMF is being built at Sokolskaya Sudoverf, OJSC. The vessel is to provide activities near naval stations, transportation of personnel, supplies and small lots (up to 10 tons).

The vessel might have the following features:

  • overall length, m…......48.79;
  • overall beam, m…......9.10;
  • midships depth, m…. 4.18;
  • load displacement, t…. 406.0.

Nautical properties ensure safe navigation with chop force up to 5 inclusive. The maximum rate is at least 17 knots, cruising endurance is 1,000 miles. The vessel is equipped with modern navigation, radio-navigation, radio-radar, external communication and surveillance facilities.

The project of modernization was drawn up by Vympel Design Bureau, OJSC.

Source: Press-service of Vympel Design Bureau, OJSC.

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