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Custom-Built “Karelia”

March 04, 2010

The SeaNews was informed by the Marine Engineering Bureau that on February 27, 2010, the forebody of DCV33 multipurpose dry-cargo carrier Karelia with DWT of 4570 tons was stapled at the Onezhsky Shipbuilding Plant. As clarified to SeaNews at the Onezhsky Shipbuilding Plant (OSP), OOO, Karelia is a sea-going vessel of unlimited navigation area having no to do with vessels of the homonymous series produced during 2004-2009.

“Kapitan Kozhevnikov”, the twelfth vessel of Karelia-series, was launched in last June. As the representative of the plant informed SeaNews, currently, there are no orders for vessels of this series.

The multi-purpose dry-cargo carrier Karelia is the fifth vessel in the series. The first ones, constructed for Eestinova OU, were “Emi Proud” and “Emi Leader”. In 2009, two more vessels were launched – “Dmitry Varvarin” and “Ivan Kudryavtsev”.

As SeaNews was informed at the yard, the launch of Karelia is to take place late spring – early summer. The dry-cargo carrier is to be delivered to a customer whose name is kept secret in September, 2010.

Source: SeaNews

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