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Diving Equipment for the Russian Navy

August 14, 2010

According to the MOD’s Directorate for Press Service and Information for the Navy this year the Navy will get kitted with diving equipment, diving gears of the new generation equipped with compression system for submarine’s rescue hatch compression system and designed for diver’s escape from disabled submarine, new all-purpose diving equipment SVU-5 (СВУ-5) designed for submarine engineering, rescue and other diving operations at depths down to 60 m, RIA Novosti reported.

SVU-5 equipment has passed trials in the ice basin of the Polar Medicine Research Laboratory of the Saint-Petersburg Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. The Navy also got a simulator complex for training remote operated vehicle operators.

Decision on full re-equipment of the Navy’s search and rescue forces was made after August 12, 2000, when in the Barents Sea the NPS Kursk sank due to an explosion of ordnance in its torpedo room killing all the 118 submariners on board.

Over the last 10 years special attention was given to improving naval mariners’ training. To this end guidelines were revised and toughen up and practical training, approximated to real-life situations. Besides, rescue operations were worked out at international navy maneuvers.

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