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Transas Is to Equip 10 Dry-Cargo Carriers for the Volga Shipping Company

February 15, 2010

Transas Group entered into contract for delivery of aids to navigation for 10 dry-cargo carriers of project RSD44. These are the first vessels being constructed within the framework of the programme for the development of inland waterway transport of the Russian Federation. According to the Russian Registry of Inland Waterway Shipping, the average age of Russian transport vessels is 23.5 years.

In order to equip project RSD44 ships, Transas Group is to deliver aids to navigation, internal and external communication equipment, navigation consoles, and video surveillance system. Besides, ships of the project are to be equipped with a system of river electronic cartography ECDIS 4000. Since the system accumulates all data coming from GNS, radars, AIS and displays it on the monitor as easy-to-understand graphic presentation, the electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) can considerably improve river navigation safety even under conditions of low visibility. The possibility of using ECDIS as a “black box” (i.e. a route data registry) is a strong advantage of the system. The cruise analyze in the playback mode can be performed after arriving to the destination point, since the whole voyage is saved as an archive.

Transas Group and the Volga Shipping Company have also entered into agreement for delivery of RSD44 ship handling simulator. Currently, there are no analogues of this device in Russia. Developing an accurate mathematical model of the vessel and subsequent using this model in the simulator are to provide crews an opportunity to master ship handling in various conditions long before headmost ship of the project will be put in commission.

Decreased quantity of metal and larger heavy lift capacity (up to 5 thousand tons) caused by it differ RSD44 project vessels under working vessel name “Rechnik” from their predecessors – Volga-Don type vessels. As per the project, vessels are to have one-deck superstructure ensuring passing under unraised bridges of Rostov and Saint-Petersburg. Motor-ship handling is to be automated to the maximum extent so the crew strength would be cut from 12 to 8 persons. Besides, a new motor-ship is to be equipped with steerable propellers ensuring U-turn and three-sixty turn nearly without leaving the spot as well as broadside moving.

Multi-purpose 5458 DWT dry-cargo vessels type of Volgo-Don Max class constructed as part of RSD44 project are constructed at the Oka Shipbuilding Facility as per the design of the Marine Engineering Bureau. These vessels are designated for transportation of general and bulk cargoes including 20- and 40-feet standard containers (9.5 feet height). The vessels can carry metal, metal works, metal scrap, grain, timber, logs and lumber, potash and mineral fertilizers, ammonium nitrate, sulfur, coal, construction materials, paper and bulky cargoes.

Source: Press-service of Transas

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