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Only the Far East Develops of Three Shipbuilding Regions

April 02, 2010

The domestic shipbuilding is likely not to provide Russian O&G producing companies with necessary amount of tankers and drilling platforms for shelf operations. Only one of three large shipbuilding zones located in various regions of Russia was laid in the end of the last year. The Far East one. As a result, all attention and investments are focused in the Primorie Territory hampering implementing projects in the Leningrad and Arkhangelsk Regions.

Despite the fact that Russia is about to start active exploitation of Arctic seas shelf, not a single oil supertanker was constructed in the country. The plans on building three large shipyards for construction of heavy-tonnage O&G ships and offshore drilling platforms were adjusted. According to plans, yards are to be located in three regions of Russia (in the north, west and east) which is to ensure arrangement of large shipbuilding zones.

All in all, the Far East got advantages. In the end of 2009, construction of two shipyards was started here – one on the base of the Zvezda plant and another on the base of the 30th shiprepair plant in Fokino. “Due to implementation of these projects, those of Vyborg, Kronshtadt and the Arkhangelsk Region – were postponed,” says the General Director of CRI Kurs Lev Klyachko. As communicated by FGUP Zvezdochka to RBC Daily, the shipyard construction on the White Sea was laid on the shelf already in 2008.

The implementation of one of the most prospective projects – the Primorskaya Shipyard in the Leningrad Region under the auspices of the Vyborg Shipyard (VS) – is delayed, too. “We took part in the principal designer tender for this plant, and then (in 2009) the commencement of construction works was suggested for the beginning of 2010,” says CTO of Souyzproekverf Design Company Roman Niesenbaum. He explained that nothing had been heard of the commencement of the construction. In the beginning of the last year the project was approved by the Minister of Industry Viktor Khristenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In autumn, basing on Gazprom orders, Vnesheconombank made a decision on granting shipyard construction credit to VS.

In the judgment of the General Director of IA INFOline Mikhail Burmistrov, these projects are not of the highest relevancy as it was in pre-crisis time. Investments into shelf development are not as great as it was expected. Besides, the gas market condition has changed while plant construction was financed against orders for LNG-carriers. As for Far Eastern yards, real orders are placed in connection with the Stockman deposit which exploitation is still being postponed. “By all appearances, due to changes in the American market, volumes of transported gas will not reach expected level,” says the expert. Mr. Burmistrov thinks it is possible that incentives for O&G companies regarding Arctic seas’ shelf development will again make actual stalled shipbuilding projects in the European part of Russia.


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