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5.6 Thousand Tons Deadweight “Enceladus” Tanker Launch

February 25, 2010

At Krasnoye Sormovo there took place the launch of 19614 project tanker of 5.6 thousand ton deadweight. Customer is Saturn Shipping company (Panama). The tanker received the name of “Enceladus”. The contract for the construction of three tankers was executed in April of 2008. The first tanker, “Titan” was handed over to the customer in October of 2009, ahead of the contract schedule; according to the contract schedule, “Enceladus” is to be commissioned in June, and the third tanker is to be commissioned in July this year. The option for the fourth vessel was confirmed in summer of 2008, the commissioning term is October, 2010.

Tankers of this project relate to “river-sea” class and are today’s largest vessels for river navigation. Technical characteristics: length: 141 m, width: 16.9 m, hull height 6.1 m, draft: 3.73 / 3.60 m, carrying capacity; 5530/5030, volume of cargo tanks: 6720 m3, speed: not less than 10 knots, team: 14/16 persons, cruising capacity: 15/10 days. Navigation area: inland waterways and sea non-Arctic regions according to the vessel class.

According to the director for shipbuilding, Andrei Ivanov: “Despite the frosts, we successfully launched “Enceladus” to finalize all the works still to be performed by the yard. Prior to sea trials which are to take place in spring, after the ice melts down, painting works are to be finished and basin trials to have been performed”.

Vessel type is all-welded, steel, double-propeller, with fixed-ditch propellers, single-deck diesel vessel, with forecastle and aftercastle, with 12 cargo tanks and two settling tanks, with the longitudinal bulkhead along the center plane, with crew gangway and with closed wheel house from board to board. The tanker is intended for the transportation of diesel fuel, oil-fuel, oil products, and crude oil. Vessel type: КМ * Ice1 R2-RSN AUT3 VCS Oil tanker/Chemical tanker type 2 (vegetable oil) (ESP).

“Krasnoye Sormovo” shipyard is one of the oldest Russian ship-building enterprises; it was founded in 1849. The yard made a huge contribution to the development of the subsea shipbuilding and domestic merchant fleet. In 2007, the shipyard was acknowledged “Best Russia’s Exporter”. In September, 2009, Sormovo’s shipyard became a laureate of the annual premium of Nizhniy Novgorod in category “Industry” for the development of the project and organization of building of 19619 project tanker series. In November, 2009, for high production and social achievements and supporting of the development of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the shipyard was awarded with honorary degree of “Honorary Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Nizhny Novgorod Region”. General Director of “Krasnoye Sormovo” shipyard, Nikolai Zharkov, was acknowledged the best manager of Russia in 2007. All vessels built at “Krasnoye Sormovo” meet the requirements of international conventions for life and environment safety and are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment.

Source: Sudprom.Ru

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