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In 2009, Marine Port of Saint Petersburg State Corporation Increased Funding for Environmental Actions by 20%, up to RUR 67 mln.

February 15, 2010

In 2009, Marine Port of Saint Petersburg State Corporation appropriated over RUR 67 mln. for environmental actions which is 20% more than figures of the last year, as announced the Management of Internal and External Communications of Marine Port of Saint Petersburg, OJSC.

Particularly, over RUR 41.6 mln. were allocated for design and construction of new projects’ treatment facilities and localized waste disposal plants. These are to be constructed within the framework of realization of plans for expansion of the company group at the All-Purpose Transshipment Complex at Ust Luga (RUR 0.5 mln), ro/ro terminal of the First Stevedoring Company (RUR 36.8 mln), container terminal of the Fourth Stevedoring Company (RUR 4.6 mln.).

RUR 6.9 mln. were allocated for repair and all-round maintenance of treatment facilities and storm sewage on the territory of the First, Second and Fourth Stevedoring Companies of the group.

The companies of Marine Port of Saint Petersburg Group monitor meeting norms and requirements of the environmental and health legislation on a systematic basis. Air, land and water resources quality monitoring and their measures on protection from production and consumption waste are carried out throughout a year: waste volumes and disposal rate are strictly metered. In 2009, RUR 18.8 mln. were allocated for these objectives.

Marine Port of Saint Petersburg Company Group, making part of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, comprises the First Stevedoring Company, Second Stevedoring Company, Third Stevedoring Company, Fourth Stevedoring Company, the All-Purpose Transshipment Complex at Ust Luga and service units.

Source: PortNews

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