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This Year Federal Fishery Agency Intends to Start Construction of Several Vessels

September 06, 2010

Andrey Krayniy, head of the agency, declared at the press-conference held on September 1:

— I hope this year we be able to lay several keels, as they say in the shipbuilding industry, and will try to prove that the fleet renewal has started.

He said that about several projects of modern vessels developed by Russian and Norsk design bureaus.

According to him, the projects were to be financed on the basis of leasing.

— The government is ready to sponsor leasing payments, – said Krayniy. – We have already selected shipyards, so now we cannot but teach their management to work in under the market conditions. Average time to build a vessel at a Russian shipyard amounts to 7–15 years. It is too long a period for fishermen: 14-16 months, 18 maximum, are acceptable for construction, and the price is to remain the same.

Krayniy also reported that by order of the Prime Minister a list of equipment is prepared to zero corresponding levies. Particularly, it is referred to shipborne equipment that is not produced in Russia.

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