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Head of United Shipbuilding Corporation R. Trotsenko reported to V. Putin on Completion of Test of the Diesel-Electrical Submarine

May 05, 2010

Today, head of United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) Roman Trotsenko has reported to Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on successful completion of tests of the diesel-electrical submarine Saint-Petersburg (project 677). According to him, the ceremony of hoisting the flag is to take place on May 9.

“Shipbuilders of Saint-Petersburg, Admiralteyskie Verfi have made major efforts, – said Trotsenko. – This is a revolutionary diesel-electric submarine with new properties of undetectability.”

“When discussing other complex projects of the last year, currently we finish state testing of the nuclear submarine “Nerpa” at the Far East, – continued he. – We are on schedule now. We overcome the delay in upgrading of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov. The situation has significantly improved, the personnel has pulled together, we have a weekly schedule, we have time to and are going to comply with commitments accepted by Russia,” noted R. Trotsenko.

The submarine Saint-Petersburg (full load weight 1765 tons) was laid down in 1997 and launched on October 28, 2004. Currently there are two ships of project 677 at various stages of completion. They are Kronshtadt laid down on July 28, 2005, and Sevastopol laid down on November 10, 2006.

Admiralteyskie Verfi is one of the oldest amount currently operating shipbuilding facilities of Russia. During its operation, Admiralteyskie Verfi produced over 2.6 thousands military and civil ships and vessels. For nearly seventy years there were constructed about 300 submarines here, 41 of that were equipped with atomic power plants. Since 2009, Admiralteyskie Verfi has made part of the Western Shipbuilding Center of United Shipbuilding Corporation.


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