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Herman Zverev’ Speech at V International Fishermen Congress Published

September 09, 2010

On behalf of the Alaska Pollack Producer Association, its President — Herman Zverev —made The Future of the Russian Fishery: Four Scenarios till 2018 report.

The report specifies key factors affecting fishery industry and case scenarios.

According to fishermen, the branch stability is possible if:

  • fundamental principles of the fishery legislation remain inviolable and the list of quotas of the catch of aquatic bioresouces is unchanged,
  • legal framework of the share market turnover is stipulated,
  • the National illegal, undocumented and uncontrollable fishing response plan is approved that separates intended poach from minor and unintended infractions of fishery regulations,
  • the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation declares the practice of fishing craft seizure in regard to bona fide users to be unjust as a sanction for minor infractions,
  • the Fishing Fleet Building Concept that takes into account character of its operating activities and return on investment is elaborated.

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