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Igor Levitin, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation: “The Coming 5 Years Are to Be Breakthrough”

February 01, 2010

The Minister marked good pace of collaboration on improvement of the regulatory framework of the maritime transport. In 2010, the realization of the Federal Target Programme for the Retrofitting of the Transport Infrastructure of the Russian Federation (2010-2015) is to begin. According to the Minister, in the field of the maritime transportation, the special priority will be given to construction of new vessels. “The coming 5 years are to be breakthrough in the field, especially if you take into account the establishment of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, since we have established fine relations with it” – said he.

Viktor Olersky, the Transport Minister Deputy, informed participants of the event on the results of the law-making activity of the Ministry in 2009 and its plans for 2010 in the field of the maritime transportation. In 2009, the Ministry of Transport ensured adoption of 91 normative legal documents, including one Federal Law, one Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, 8 Regulations, and 55 orders of the Government of the Russian Federation, and 26 orders of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation. According to Viktor Olersky, the major part of orders of the Government of the Russian Federation refers to the borders at seaports. Currently, there are 36 ports of such kind. The borders of all the major ports were established. In 2010, the process of seaport border establishment is to be finished.

In his speech, Viktor Olersky touched upon questions of activities of pilot services, cooperation with the FCS, employment of Russian seamen in foreign companies, port charges and some other questions of present interest for the marine industry as well as the measures taken by the Ministry of Transport on solution of such questions.

Source: Министерство транспорта РФ

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