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IMO’s Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation Intends to Develop a Strategy on E-Navigation till 2012

August 05, 2010

The IMO’s Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation held its 56th session on 26-30 July 2010 in London. It was declared that till 2012 the sub-committee means to elaborate a strategy of implementation of electronic navigation (e-navigation). By the time, e-navigation architecture is to be designed and its functionality, user elements, on-board and onshore equipment, databases and communication means, specified.

Amendments to specify lanes of vessel traffic and new measures in various zones of the World Ocean were adopted at the session. In particular, a new ship reporting system, SOUNDREP, was installed in the Sound at the Baltic sea inlet. The sub-committee approved introduction of nine traffic separation schemes (TSS) along Norway coastline connected by recommended routes.

Draft circular letter concerning security areas around artificial islands, structures and installations was adopted.

At that the Sub-Committee resolved area extension beyond 500 meters to be unpractical.

The Sub-Committee gave consideration to discussing amendments to regulation 22 of Chapter V “Safety of Navigation” of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, (SOLAS). Amendments to be considered at design of navigation bridges were suggested. The issue will be discussed in 2011.

The Sub-Committee continued considering amendments to the performance standards for VDR (voyage data recorder) with the aim of equipment enhancement.

Revision of SN.1/Circ.266/Rev.1 was completed, which specifies basic principles of supporting and updating software used in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) in accordance with current standards of the International Hydrographic Organization. The currency of the circular is determined by amendments to SOLAS in effect which settle obligatory ECDIS equipping of certain types of vessels.

Preparation of the draft circular of IMO’s Committee on Safety of Navigation (MSC) “Guidance on Procedures for Updating Shipborne Navigation and Communication Equipment” was completed. These circulars will be submitted to approval of the 88th session of NAV to be held in this November.

The regular meeting of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation is to be held in IMO’s headquarters on June 6-10, 2011.

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