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In the Leningrad region will develop the concept of water transport.

March 29, 2012

It is planned that the first yacht in the region will create the infrastructure on the River Neva in the Gulf of Finland, Lake Ladoga, the Volkhov and Svir rivers. News

The concept of water transport development in the inland waters of the Leningrad Region today instructed to develop the Governor Valery Serdyukov on the results of the workshop with the vice-governors, chairmen of sectoral committees and the leadership of ”Russian sailing.”

The company appealed to the regional government proposed the creation of infrastructure for the small size of the fleet on the Neva River within the boundaries of Vsevolozhsky and Kirov regions.

Investment initiative is linked with the decision of the federal government to open waterways for sport, recreational and tourist foreign vessels with a capacity of up to 18 people and the need for renovation and construction of new parking areas for small vessels.

According to Deputy Director General of OOO ”Russian sailing” Dmitry Sokolov, St. Petersburg, there are several points to accommodate vessels of this type. Now, the company worked through the issue of placing an additional 5 moorings serviced in the waters of the Neva River in Leningrad region. This marina various capacities at the Nevsky Forest Park, a memorial, “Hill of Fame” museum “Break the Siege of Leningrad,” Nevsky snout in Shlisselburgskaya harbor. The potential to create conditions for the region could take up to 30 thousand boats during the season of navigation.

Committee worked out a two-stage scheme of development of water transport and travel. In the first stage – the creation of yachting infrastructure on the river Neva, and the second – in the Gulf of Finland, Lake Ladoga, the Volkhov and Svir rivers. This will require the involvement of investors, one of which is expressed today their offering.

”To develop a new infrastructure of internal water ways, we will comprehensively, based on a single concept, which will bring together several areas related to the construction of piers, not only for small, but large ships, road approaches, equipment, control points, petrol stations and even a helicopter landing sites,” – said the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov.

Source: Business Petersburg

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