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JSC Sovkomflot and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) have agreed upon parameters of a contract to build 5-6 tankers under 120 000 tonnes deadweight

October 22, 2010

JSC Sovcomflot and JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation have agreed upon the parameters of a contract to build 5-6 Aframax class tankers of 117-120 000 tonnes deadweight each. “Delivery expected during the period 2011-2014,” PortNews Information Agency was told at Sovcomflot.

Sovcomflot is sure that these ships will be the best of their kind in terms of energy efficiency and technology.

Other parameters of the contract are kept secret.

For today Sovcomflot owns world’s second-largest fleet of Aframax tankers and places orders for tankers of Aframax class particularly for the needs of Russian cargo ports and Russian onshore crude oil loading terminals in the North-West, Far East and South regions of Russia, which are increasing their capacity.

The company says that so far it is not possible to build vessels of such size in Russia. However, after new shipbuilding facilities have been launched in the Far East region of Russia, we can expect to have domestic large tonnage tankers already in 2014.

Join Stock Company Modern Commercial Fleet (Sovcomflot) is the largest shipping company of Russia and one of the leading energy transporters in the world. It is among the 5 world’s largest tanker companies. Its fleet includes 150 vessels with the total deadweight tonnage of 10.93 million tonnes, 9 newbuildings with the total deadweight tonnage of about 0.69 million tonnes. An average tanker age is 6.4 years. In the first half of 2010 Sovkomflot made a net profit of 111.2 million US dollars, which is 5% lower then in the same period last year. Proceeds in the period under review amounted to 678.6 million US dollars (+10.9%).

JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation was set up in 2007. The Corporation comprises three regional shipbuilding centres – JSC West Shipbuilding Centre in Saint-Petersburg, JSC North Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre in Severodvinsk and JSC Far East Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre in Vladivostok – as well as leading design bureaus.


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