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Kalmykia Authorities Intend to Establish Fishery Department

August 12, 2010

At a Kalmykia government session held on August 6 the prime minister of the republic recommended establish a department to manage fishery industry.

The Kalmyk fishery is focused on the Caspian Sea. Besides, the republic possess a considerable number of inland water bodies of 53,000 ha in total: Chogray Reservoir, lakes Tsagan-Nur, Deed-Khulsun, Lysyi Liman and Sarpinskoe. However, they are almost not used.

One of the burning issues is lack of coastal fishing vessels. Operating fishing vessels and transport fleet have not been renewed for last fifteen years and wearing of equipment has reached 95%. Lack of monetary funds puts obstacles in the way of advancing deep processing, so 80% of take are taken out of the republic.

For inland water body fishing, pond-fish culture should be restored, dams and hydraulic structures repaired and rice bays used for growing fish and freshwater prawns.

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